Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK)

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If the buyers or suppliers of gas come from Poland, BGK offers assistance in the field of financial instruments for the purpose of concluding an agreement between the parties: 

(a) guarantees/letters of credit dedicated to Polish importers (gas supplies to the country) or in connection with export contracts; 

(b) guarantees in favour of commercial banks that are suppliers of working capital (also for factors); 

(c) in cooperation with the Polish ECA KUKE, we may grant a short-term export credit, e.g. in the form of a letter of credit discount or debt purchase (up to two years supplier loans). We accept the risk of designated foreign banks opening documentary letters of credit, the beneficiaries of which are Polish exporters. 

(d) In cooperation with ECA KUKE, we also offer short-term working capital loans and lines of guarantees/ letters of credit for Polish exporters in the industry.

Pricing is based on market conditions in all transactions, the factors influencing the price are, among others, financial situation and condition of the borrower, transaction tenor and collateral types. The bank operates on arm length conditions, taking into account KYC procedures, wherein aiming at filling the gap of operations of the commercial banks. In case of applying for a product with lifetime of more than 12 months, BGK will require a financial forecast that would confirm the ability to serve the debt within the transaction tenor. Documentation is customarily signed under the Polish law, with guarantees / letters of credit under the URDG and UCP, respectively.

The Bank takes additional efforts to promote the activities aimed at improving energy efficiency, new technologies with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to lower gas consumption and reducing the negative impact on the environment and climate. The Bank operates in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, taking into account social and environmental aspects.

How to Contact BGK

In case of any additional questions, please contact the Trade Finance Relations team. More information and direct contact can be found on our website: Government Programme Financial Support for Exports - BGK

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